Area of Interest Immuno-Oncology


Working towards further advances in immuno-oncology

Immuno-oncology has emerged as a promising approach to cancer treatment, taking advantage of our own immune system to fight the disease. Recent progress in understanding the intricacies of the immune system has directed the development of new therapies and potential strategies to further impact the efficacy of current treatments.

Fluidigm is committed to providing the right tools and services to support advances in immuno-oncology research, including cell profiling and biomarker identification. Our optimized, flexible and efficient assays are designed to meet the rigorous demands of translational and clinical research programs.

Blue icon illustrating immuno-oncology application

Immuno-Oncology with Imaging Mass Cytometry

Recent and rapid advancements in the field of immuno-oncology have bolstered our understanding of immune responses and accelerated immuno-oncology research. Leading researchers apply key tools and tec...

Immuno-Oncology with Microfluidics

Tumor gene expression has proven effective in measuring immune response in cancer progression and therapeutic response research. As emerging therapies reveal new biomarkers and expand the need for sam...

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